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Meso Pigment Reduce 30ml

R1891,76 Incl Vat

Main treatment areas
• Face
• Body
• Hands
Meso Pigment Reduce benefits
MESO PIGMENT REDUCE’s formula is rich in active
ingredients and contains high concentrations and
powerful depigmentation properties. These form a
contrast to the phenomenon, both of a biological and
chemical-physical nature, which lies at the root of these
skin imperfections.
• Rapid bleaching effect
• Hyper pigmentations
• Ageing spots
• Dark circles under the eyes



Melanogenese and sick skin complexion The skin’s complexion is the result of the presence of various pigments. Haemoglobin in the red blood cells and carotene found mainly in the adipocytes. The pigment that most affects the skin’s complexion is melanin, which is produced by specialized cells in the epidermis called melanocytes. Melanin regulates the skin’s complexion via a complex mechanism. A sickly complexion is caused by changes in the skin’s color from too much melanin or, in some cases, deposits of other pigments in the epidermis. This change may occur on specific areas of the body or may be more widespread. Discoloration or patches on the skin are not all the same. Each one has a different origin and depth.


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