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Meso Pure Peel

R1906,88 Incl Vat

Dispenser with 24 x 3,5 ml disposable sachets

Main treatment areas
• Face. Must be added before every other
dermatological treatment: photo therapy, laser
needling, RF and other cosmetic methods
• Body
This treatment benefits
• Cleanse with a powerful corneolysis effect
• Promotes cell renewal. Maximum efficacy with
minimum irritation, promotes skin glowing
• Anti-ageing
• Deep corneolysis
• Makes skin receptive to active ingredients



MESO PURE PEEL is the unique peel available in disposable dispensers of 3 ml sachets with natural ingredients that reduce peeling side effects. MESO PURE PEEL is an excellent product for natural and effective peeling. Perfect for a deep corneolysis cleanse before any treatment. MESO PURE PEEL is a concentrate of five vegetal extracts: • blueberries • sugar cane • sugar maple • orange • lemon MESO PURE PEEL Five treatments in one: • Keratolytic • Collagen synthesis • Elastin synthesis • Moisturizing • Smoothing


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